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CSS Introduction

CSS Introduction

What is CSS?

CSS 3 tutorial or CSS tutorial provides basic and advanced concepts of CSS technology.This course is designed for both beginners and professionals. The most important points of CSS are given below:

CSS Example with Live CSS Editors:

In this course you will get a lot of examples of CSS and even you can also run and edit these example with our live CSS editors.

Why Use CSS?

CSS is used to specify styles and design layout for your web pages for different screen sizes and devices. 

CSS Solved a Big Problem

The html was created to define the content of a web page, like:

<p>Paragraph are usually written in p Tag.</p>

<h2>H2 Heading Tag.</h2>

In HTML 3.2 if your website contains lot of color attributes and fonts then you need to add them on every single page of your website.And it is a nightmare for web developers because if you are working on a large project then it takes too much time and also this process is very expensive.

CSS languages are created to solve such kind of problems.

CSS Saves a Lot of Work!

The CSS styles are usually saved in external .css files.

By using an external stylesheet file you can modify and change the look of your entire website simply changing into one css file.You can also make a more then one CSS files.For Example make a if you are developing your website with MVC(Structure).Then make a seperate style sheets for your nav bar,header or menu bar.And similarly also one stylesheet for your sidebar,footer etc.