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ORACLE Introduction


In this course we will learn What is Oracle Database and why we use it.We also cover each and every topic of Oracle from beginning to advance levels.Because This course is designed for those people that have zero work experience with any relational database management system. This oracle tutorials will cover each and every topic of oracle database management system such as How to setup oracle database or how to install oracle,creating new user,changing user password,deleting user,create table,modify table,insert one and more record from table,update record from table,delete record from table,select all table data,Creating role and assigning role to user,creating view and giving permission to view and role,returning permission back from user and role as well also from table,How to create a savepoint, and also we cover the very important topic of the oracle database management system that is JOINS and joins type like natural joins,self joins,outer joins,Equi joins,non equi joins.How to perform a sorting in a tableby using order by clause,How to concatenate two columns,how to add a literal string in the column and how to add a column aliases.

What is Oracle?

Oracle is a Database that is used to store large amount of data.It is also called a relational database management system and it is mostly used across the world.

This Course also cover oracle interview Questions that are most helpful when you apply for Oracle Job.


You must familiar or have a knowledge of basic Computer Fundametals before start learning this course.


As in this course we start from very basic concepts of Oracle Database. So this course is very useful for new commer/beginners and also for professionals.

Important Note:

If you find any kind of mistakes or problemin this course don't hesitate to contact with us. So that the problem will be solved.

Basic Installation

  • What is Join?
  • Join types
  • ORACLE Permissions

  • Database Security
  • Oracle Functions

  • Functions
  • More On Functions
  • Functions Continue..
  • Group Functions
  • User Input

  • Getting User Input
  • Database Transactions

  • Creating Savepoints in Database
  • ORACLE SubQuery

    Database Columns